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DFW artist turns streets into a work of art for NBA Finals

3D street artist turns NBA Finals into a work of art in Dallas
3D street artist turns NBA Finals into a work of art in Dallas 02:20

DALLAS — A North Texas artist is using her skills to create something that Mavs fans can get excited about during the NBA Finals.

Jan Riggins has a passion for art of all kinds, 3D street art in particular.

When the Mavs started winning early in the post-season, Riggins was inspired and wanted to create something that reflected what the excitement was all about.

Fans can find 3D designs of gold championship trophies and basketballs with the Mavs logo across the metroplex. Riggins has recently worked on pieces right outside the American Airlines Center, in the AT&T Design District and in Fort Worth's Sundance Square.

Jan Riggins

People walking by can't help but get caught up in the excitement and stop to snap a photo.

"I have a very certain spot you need to stand and look through a camera," Riggins said. "The minute they do that and look through the camera and I see it, that's what I'm living for, is that moment when they can get into the picture and interact with it."

The murals by the Fort Worth artist were commissioned by the Mavs. She also made the cover of Fort Worth Weekly.

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Each 3D piece of artwork requires quite a process and takes at least seven hours, Riggins says. She tells CBS News Texas she's lucky to share the passion with her daughter, who often helps complete the 3D masterpieces.

"When people come by, they don't quite understand what I'm doing at first, the image is kind of distorted," Riggins said.

But just wait, when color comes into play, passion drives the brush and hours fly by, the finished product catches the eye of anyone who walks by. The instant feedback and reaction is what Riggens loves about 3D street art the most.

Jan Riggins

"This is something different," she said. "It's the interaction with people. If you're sitting in a studio painting, you're hoping someone likes it later down the road. This is real-time, I really get to see what gets people excited."

And just like any basketball or any game, art has its challenges, too.

"That's probably one of my favorite parts of street art," Riggins continued. "I have no idea what sort of challenges I'm going to have to overcome and every surface is different. So, something I thought was going to work with one material or product sometimes doesn't so I just have to figure it out."

One of those challenges this week is the rain. But Jan says her pieces can withstand the weather.

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