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Hot, dry weekend ahead in North Texas

Warm, noticeably humid weekend ahead in North Texas
Warm, noticeably humid weekend ahead in North Texas 02:42

NORTH TEXAS – It was a hot day in the city. Fortunately, dewpoints lowered into the low 60s by afternoon. That meant the feel-like temperature was barely above the actual temperature. However, it was still a hot day.


This Father's Day weekend make sure to protect yourself from the hot afternoon sun. Lots of sunshine with highs right back in the mid-90s. More wind on Sunday to offer up a little relief.


Notice the slightly cooler temperature on Monday along with a slight rain chance. The Gulf of Mexico is opening up. What I mean by that is a deep fetch of southeast wind will push the higher humidity air into North Texas. There is a small chance we might have our first named storm of the Atlantic season form in the southern Gulf and move into Mexico.


We have yet to get a named storm in either the Atlantic or Pacific. This is rare. Only two other years have we gotten this deep into the hurricane season without a named storm in either basin. Alberto might form just before it hits the Mexico coastline. 


Even if it doesn't form into a tropical storm, the amount of moisture it'll push high up into the atmosphere will likely reach into North Texas. This added water vapor might just be enough to get afternoon storms going. The best rain chances will likely be on Wednesday and Thursday.


While rain chances in the summer months are always welcomed, the humidity is going to take a dramatic uptick. Actual highs will get knocked down a few degrees. But with air so humid, the feel-like temperature will creep up.


Here is your 7-day forecast. Most of the rain from the tropical system in the Gulf will fall along the coast line and then into South Texas. Around here, we are hoping these modest rain chances last all the way into Friday.

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