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Gardening 101: Giving Grove

Gardening: 101: Giving Groves
Gardening: 101: Giving Groves 02:21

NORTH TEXAS - Giving Grove is a non-profit that started in Kansas City. Its mission is to plant fruit trees and berry bushes across America, finding under-served urban neighbors that need available real food. 

They found a willing group at the Owenwood Farm in east Dallas to spread this idea across the metroplex. The very first orchard went on the Farm's property. It is in its second year. 

If you have a garden or landscape, well, you know how tough these last two summers have been on new trees (historically dry and hot). But they have persevered, planting over two dozen orchards across the four-county area.

It'll take about 4-5 years for the trees to start producing. These trees will be tended to by a network of volunteers and community members. The trees can produce fruit for decades once established.

Not all of us have access to fresh food. These food deserts are found in low-income areas across the metroplex. With the seven acres of farm at Owenwood, they can grow a lot of food in an urban area. These are great investments for the well-being of people. And thinking about how to provide better food for people shouldn't be limited to the Thanksgiving weekend.

Jeff Ray is the senior First Alert Meteorologist at CBS News Texas and an avid gardener. When not covering the weather, he is finding stories about Gardening in north Texas. If you would like Jeff to come talk to your group about how changing weather patterns are changing the way we garden in this area, please email him at

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