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Gardening 101: Container trees

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - If you are willing to wheel a tree in and out of your house (or heated patio) twice a year, welcome to the wide world of container tree options. By taking freezing temperatures out of the equation, growing a tree in a container opens the door to tropical fruit trees. Most select a lime or lemon tree. There are also several options of oranges they do well in miniature form.

Keep in mind these are TREES. They will grow to the container you plant them in. It is important never to move a container tree into a much bigger vessel. That big leap in size will produce a big leap in height. Bigger in height and weight then you can get easily in and out the door.

Also, growing in a container means you have to keep the tree feed with the proper fertilizer. Most fruit trees like soil and food that is slightly acidic. And water with discipline. You can easily over water a container tree, yet you must make sure it never dries out.

The story includes a new kind of fig tree recently made available on the market. Now you can easily grow a fig tree outside (I have one). But this is a special dwarf fig tree (Fignomenal) that only gets 28" or so high. And if feed correctly, it'll load up on figs.

You must make sure your indoor space has good sun and space for an indoor tree. Wheel it out when overnight lows get out of the 40s. Wheel it back in before 40s happen again in the fall. Nice to spread the green in and out of the house. 

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