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Frustration grows in Grapevine over flood-prone construction project

Frustration grows in Grapevine as roads flood despite expensive efforts
Frustration grows in Grapevine as roads flood despite expensive efforts 01:51

GRAPEVINE — Nature has won again at the corner of Snakey Lane and W. Kimball Avenue in Grapevine.

"It's kind of unprecedented, how much rain we got this spring," said Bryan Beck, Grapevine Public Works Director.

This area of Grapevine Lake is prone to flooding. 

Last summer, the city began a $250,000 construction project to raise W. Kimball Ave by 8 feet.

Despite the efforts, the road is underwater due to recent rain. The City says the lake is at its highest level since 2015.

"I thought it was unnecessary because I've seen it come up high enough to 10 feet, so you knew it wasn't going to work," said resident Helen Hallaron.

Neighbors tell CBS News Texas they're not sure it was tax dollars well spent.

"I hope the integrity of the road is OK now that it's been underwater for a month," Helen added.

The city wants residents to know it wasn't meant to stop flooding completely, especially in abnormally wet years. 

The goal was to allow the road to be open 50 more days a year, based on historical lake levels. 

This, however, is not a usual year.

"We are going to fix it, and when the rain goes back down we will finish," Beck said.

The City says the road was built with a concrete core and is solid. 

All that's left is to add pavement and some guardrails, and hope it serves its purpose in normal years to come.

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