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Father-daughter duo continue family legacy at work in North Texas

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DALLAS – Patients at the Dallas Allergy & Asthma clinic can either see Dr. Lara Gross, or her dad Dr. Gary Gross.

The father-daughter doctor duo didn't plan to work in the same specialty – let alone the same practice – but now they can't imagine it any other way.

Dr. Gary Gross and his daughter, Dr. Lara Gross CBS News Texas

"I think I always had it in my mind, I'm not going to do what Dad did," said Lara Gross. "And here I am."

Even when she did finally decide to become an allergist, Lara Gross told her dad not to get his hopes up.

"I was delighted," said Gary Gross. "I was happy she'd made the decision, and at first, she said, well I'm looking around the country at other opportunities – I'm not necessarily coming back to Dallas."

But the family has a strong pull.

"I was also a little concerned when I moved back, how is that going to affect the family dynamic?" Lara Gross said. "And it all worked out. I'm the favorite."

"Don't tell your sister," Gary Gross joked.

The pair has been working together at the Texas Health-affiliated clinic for about five years now.

"I've gained a bit more experience, he's still a great resource, and I sometimes have to consult with him about how to make out his handwriting," said Lara Gross.

They share the same sense of humor and a legacy that's actually three generations deep.

"It just so happens that my father was also an allergist," Gary Gross said. "I did have an opportunity to work with him a little bit. I like the caring and compassion he showed, and hopefully I was able to do some of that as well."

"You modeled that for me also," Lara Gross added.

Some of their patients have even been treated by all three.

"It's cool we share that family connection," said Lara Gross. "I get to know their family and they get to know mine."

It's a bond that deserves to be celebrated.

"I understand that I'm getting a wonderful gift for Father's Day," Gary Gross said.

"He gets peace and quiet," said Lara Gross. "My sister and I will be out of town."

They'll just have to wait to see each other at the office, come Monday morning.

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