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Paula Reid

Paula Reid
Paula Reid CBS News

Paula Reid  is a CBS News White House correspondent based in Washington, D.C. Reid's reporting is featured across all CBS News broadcasts and platforms, including the "CBS Evening News," "CBS This Morning," "Face the Nation," CBSN, CBS News' 24/7 streaming news service and CBS News Radio.

Before being named a White House correspondent in 2019, Reid covered the justice beat for CBS News. She provided extensive reporting on the Justice Department, the White House, legal affairs, and stories involving federal law enforcement.  Reid has led the network's coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller and major developments related to the Mueller probe.

Reid also contributed to the Network's coverage involving Hilary Clinton's email server, the civil rights investigations in Ferguson and Baltimore, the prosecution of drug kingpin "El Chapo," and the Trump administration's travel ban. She was also one of the only reporters on the ground in Charlottesville, Virginia, for the deadly white supremacists rally in August 2017.

Her exchanges during White House briefings have made news, such as when the White House revealed that President Trump believes he can fire the Special Counsel and debunking the White House's claim that its "zero tolerance policy" is law.

Reid joined CBS News in 2010. She graduated from the College of William & Mary in 2005 where she double majored in psychology and English. Reid earned her JD from Villanova University School Law and went on to pass Bar Exams for both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She currently resides in Washington, D.C., with her husband.

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