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Molly Bernard Shares A Special Message To 'Younger' Fans Ahead Of Final Season: 'Our Fans Are Why We Exist, We Will Miss You'

(CBS) - Younger is back with a new episode this Thursday, April 15th. The show's seventh season will also be its final one, but fear not fans because with the move to Paramount+ you can stream episodes on-demand whenever you'd like!

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Molly Bernard ahead today's season premiere to discuss her favorite moments from the show, Lauren Heller's "growth" and a special message to her fans.

MW: Molly, nice to see you today! Younger, season seven , the final season coming up what are some of your favorite moments from the show?

MB: I mean, there are so, so many. It's crazy. First of all, the fact that we've been able to do a show for seven years is kind of blowing my mind. I'm still pinching myself. I look back on my first day on set, fresh out of Grad School topless in Bryant Park - it was just one wild way to enter the show.

It also clarified who my character was, she's been bold like that since day one. Some of my favorite moments have been when Liza almost gets caught and then she doesn't get caught and people find her out and they're upset. But they still love her because she's that lovable. It's a good, juicy show. I will miss a lot of those almost moments.

MW: You talked about that introductory moment, obviously a memorable one. How has Lauren changed throughout the course of the show in your eyes?

MB: I feel like sometimes we wonder, the cast will be like, how many years has gone by for them? You know, when I started the show, I was 25 and I just had my 33rd birthday; It's been a minute. Lauren has evolved much like I have. I feel like she would ask permission to drug her friends at a party rather than surprise drop drugs in their drinks at her birthday. At least she would ask consent. That's one big way she's changed.

She has her own PR firm, her own company now. All of these women over the course of these seven years have just blossomed and grown. It's been a treat to watch it and to be on the inside of it and to embody that too.

MW: That's growth. You know, at least asking for consent that shows she's growing. That's good.

MB: Right, absolutely. [Laughs]

MW: What do we have in store for her now in this final season? As much as you can give away...

MB: Yeah. Let's see what I can tease. There's a possible love rekindling that I think diehard fans of our show will really love. Lauren is in the office a lot more this season and her idol is Diana Trout. There is plenty in homage to Miss Trout. I think there will be some serious laugh out loud laughter. Lauren gets herself into a pickle, it involves a couple of other people. I think fans will enjoy watching her squirm.

MW: Last thing before I let you go here, what do you have to say to the fans as we get ready for this last season?

MB: Our fans are why we exist. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been such a gift to be on this show. We shot this last season for you guys smack dab in the middle of the pandemic as safely as we could. We all got out unharmed and healthy and good.

That to me, love is action. Like we did it for you guys. We're so excited. If you ever miss us, just, there's seven seasons to binge watch repeatedly as you please. But we will miss you, too!

MW: Available streaming on demand with Paramount+!

MB: That's right. Yes. Now we're on Paramount+, stream us!

MW: That's right. Well, thank you so much, Molly, it's been awesome to talk to you in all the best with this final season!

MB: Likewise, thank you so much. Stay safe.

Tune in for the seventh and final season of Younger starting tonight on Paramount+. Click here to sign-up for Paramount+ today.

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