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You Can Send A Fart By Mail Now

The "stinkologists" at the newly-launched California-based flatulence company, Fart By Mail, launched a mail-order fart service, offering customers "a custom message, heinous odor, and hilarious fart sound" with every greeting card. All for only $8.99!

- Every Fart By Mail comes hermetically sealed in a very glamorous crystal clear polyethylene envelope.

- Dr. Stink writes a message to your friend explaining what they are holding. After all, when was the last time they received a fart in the mail?

- Your friend will also receive a stunning, professionally printed audio greeting card.

- The classy picture inside is sure to leave an impression.

- The card contains a custom message from you, a heinous odor, and hilarious fart sound!

Fart By Mail - Commercial for a real mail order fart by FartByMail on YouTube


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