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When I Was Nominated: Emmy Awards Edition- Jeff Probst

Survivor burst onto the scene in 2000 and was an instant pop-culture phenomenon. Seventeen years later the show is still a force in the television landscape and is nominated for three awards at this year's Emmys. After almost two decades, Executive Producer and Host Jeff Probst still has fond memories of the show's first Emmy nomination following their debut season.

"The first time Survivor was nominated for an Emmy was our first season back in 2000," said Probst. "I remember pretty vividly being there with Mark and a couple of the other producers on the show and it was exciting. It is exciting to win and that was exciting because Survivor was such a big explosion of energy in its first couple of seasons and it was everywhere and then to be acknowledged by The Academy with a new category that didn't exist before was definitely special."

This year, Probst is looking to take home another golden statue to sit next to his 2000 edition.

"It's also the only time we've ever won, was that first season, never won again…Emmys," said Probst.

Tune into the 69th annual Emmy Awards on September 17th at 5 PM PT/8 PM EST on CBS to see if Survivor can finally add "two-time Emmy Award winner" to its resume.

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