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Tyra Banks Launches TYRA Beauty Cosmetics Line

Supermodel, businesswoman and 'America's Next Top Model' creator and host Tyra Banks just made a big move launching TYRA beauty. Friday on her social media accounts Ty-Ty asked the world to, "Go to and click play." Once there, visitors are treated to a very dramatic video introducing her new cosmetics line. But it's not just makeup. She calls it "beautytainment", where Banks encourages people to emulate her attitude and become "beautytainers" where they host parties and sell the products.

TYRA beauty, according to the official description is "... all about Beauty. Business. Badassery." Those three words describe the core of the endeavor.


"TYRA beauty is taking a stance that natural beauty is kind of unfair." "I believe makeup is the great beauty equalizer," says Banks.

Within the actual products there are three pillars: TYover (a Tyra makeover made popular on ANTM -- easy-to-use products "in a Stick"), Smize (eye makeup capitalizing on her invented word), It Factory (textures and lip products).


Banks has a business degree from Harvard. She's leveraging that training to put her product in a power position. In a move similar to Amway and Tupperware, any customer will be able to buy AND sell the cosmetics. Banks is encouraging people to host parties to show their friends what TYRA beauty is all about.


The essence of this theme is bigger, bolder and…badder! To underscore the attitude of the campaign Banks recruited Motown artist STORi who created the song BOOTYful. The rap music video for the song features Ty-Ty herself in skimpy skin-tight black lycra showing off her assets. Lyrics encourage the listener to have an attitude like they're, "werkin' every hallway like a runway."

Shop TYRA beauty and learn more here.

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