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Two Family Members Struck By Lightning In Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Two family members are now recovering, after both were struck by lightning over the weekend...and survived!

Ashley Moberg, and her father, John Moberg, described one of the scariest moments of their lives: the moment they were both hit by lightning.

"Dad was knocked unconscious, so I had seen him hit the ground and not moving and not talking. So for a short couple seconds, I thought he was dead and I was trying to ascertain if I was dying, so I started slowing my breathing...They told us in the ambulance that the rubber soles of our shoes probably saved us and guarded us from the electricity's fullest extent," said Moberg.

The two were in Tampa from Chicago, and were in town to see the Yankees Spring Training game.

"There were some thunderstorm warnings so we brought our rain ponchos figuring we could just wait out the rain," said Moberg.

They say the game was cancelled because of the storms and they started walking to their car.

"There was a bright flash of light and a loud boom and my ears were ringing, next thing I know I see my dad flying through the air and smacking his head on the ground, and I was blasted out of my shoes flying through the air and I landed on the pavement," said Moberg.

Eventually they were conscious, but were both paralyzed, not able to go get help.

"I was screaming out for help, but still unable to move. My dad was completely paralyzed, and I was partially, my right arm and my left leg were paralyzed," said Moberg.

They say a good samaritan named Pauly saw them and called 9-1-1.

"He stood there in the pouring rain for a long time until we were loaded into the ambulance. It was incredible to do," said John Moberg.

Moberg says her dad broke his cheek bone, and they both suffered severe bruising and burns.

"I've got a burn going through my neck from the necklace I was wearing. It actually burned off at the scene," said Moberg.

Both Ashley and John Moberg were able to visit the place they were struck, before flying back to Chicago on Monday, and they say they are thankful for the outpouring love and kindness they've received from people all over the United States.

"We were very lucky, it was certainly scary. Incredibly scary for short term. But we are glad to be home and it was certainly a great trip overall," said John Moberg.

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