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TTYM: Tebow's Brother Is 'All A Twitter' and Bad Lip Reading NFL Style

This week, I prayed to NEVER hear the name Lance Armstrong again.  G-d answered:  Manti Te’o.  

So, for those of you  who have been inundated with stories on these two athletes here are a few other interesting stories in sports in this week’s That Thing You Missed.

by: @TaraLipinsky

Now Hear This
Credit= Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Following a scandal where Knicks' star player Carmelo Anthony was suspended after he pushed a hard court verbal spat with Celtics’ Kevin Garnett all the way outside to the teams bus – did owner James Dolan make sure to keep a low profile? 

Nope. That's for amateurs. Plus, Dolan is a pro enough to notice the gaping hole in the New York sports "drama department" since the Jets' season ended.

So instead, Dolan reportedly ordered two of his audio techs to sit on both sides of the court with massive recording devices for everyone to see and tape everything Anthony says during the game – both on the court and on the bench.

At first, Anthony was surprised to hear his boss basically had him wired, admitting he had no idea.  Suddenly, a day later during an interview while the team was in the UK to play the Pistons - Anthony told reporters he appreciates Dolan’s loyalty saying, ” I got an owner that looks out for me.”

Hey, ya don’t think Dolan has a tattoo of his wife Kristin wearing a #7 Knicks jersey do you?

Story via CBS New York

With Friends Like This, Who Need Enemies?

Thanks to a combination of former athletes feeling the need to keep relevant and the awkward lack of privacy offered to those athletes by social media venues like Twitter and Facebook, we now know that Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas are friends once again.

Johnson Tweeted this:

You see the basketball greats had a falling out when Johnson was diagnosed with HIV back in 1991.  Because of the diagnosis Thomas questioned Johnson’s sexuality, and that infuriated Johnson. 

Frankly, I don’t know who’s worse.  Thomas for assuming Johnson was gay or Johnson for getting so angry about it.

Hey Magic, are there really so few people out there you feel the need to rekindle this friendship which dissolved for obvious reasons 20 years ago?  

And while I commend Magic’s power of forgiveness, I can find a litany of other reasons to dislike Thomas.  I mean, just ask any Knicks fan or Michael Jordan.

Story via CBS Chicago

What Would Tebow Do?

The Broncos early playoff ouster at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens led many Tim Tebow fans to take to Twitter and note joyously how the Jets back up quarterback (for now) has more playoff wins with Denver than Peyton Manning.

And not one of them seemed more thrilled than Tim’s brother Peter.  A self-proclaimed Christian man - just like his famous brother - who Tweeted “Am I the only one in Denver who’s happy now?”

And he even proceeded to make fun of the Broncos current quarterback:

Really, Peter?  Is that what Jesus would do?

Ok, in all fairness good ‘ol Pete did apologize for his outburst and he now has over 15,000 Twitter followers to boot.  But, come on. Be honest. You didn’t even know Tim had a brother, did you? 

Story Via CBS Denver

NASCAR Nuptials Bite The Dust
Credit= Fraser Harrison/Getty Images

Breaking news:  NASCAR sweetheart Danica Patrick filed for divorced.

In a related story Danica Patrick apparently got married like seven years ago at the age of 23 to her physical therapist who is 17 years older than her.

Gee, what could have gone wrong? 

Story via CBS Chicago

Read My Lips...
"THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL by Bad Lip Reading on YouTube

And here is my little gift to you - a hilarious video by You Tube's Bad Lip Reading channel - the NFL version.

My favorite part?  Jim Harbaugh's voice over.  "I want it now. I want cake now.  I want it now!"  He whines to refs just like that, doesn't he?

What's your favorite part?

I want to hear from you!

Got a fun story sports fans may have missed?  Or an obscure, silly and perhaps gossipy tale we didn't cover?  E-mail Tara Lipinsky at or send her a Tweet @TaraLipinsky.

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