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TTYM: Must-See Video - Golf Boys Rap And Worst Hockey Fight Ever?

It's video round-up week in That Thing You Missed - from what may possibly be the worst hockey fight in the history of the sport to a temper tantrum the likes of which I have not seen since the last time I took my children to the grocery store. And I'm not forgetting the best Harlem Shake video made yet. 


Golf Boys - "2.Oh" (Official Video) by Ben Crane on YouTube

So, I typically use this forum to mock what’s going on in the Sports world – and more specifically the insane behavior certain athletes tend to exhibit off the field. However, sometimes I just gotta be kind.

The self-titled “Golf Boys” better known as Ricky Fowler, Hunter Mahan, Bubba Watson and Ben Crane just released their second rap video (and yes, they’re all PGA playing white men) called “2. Oh.” And oh, is it so ridiculous – it’s actually enjoyable.  Note:  I didn’t say good.  

Of course they make fun of themselves – but they also include references to other players on the circuit. How many can you find?

And while it’s not quite as retro boy-band as the group’s first single “Oh, Oh, Oh.”  It’s still good for a laugh.

Ok, ok cut me some slack.  I’m a white girl.

The group obviously had a blast with it and, more importantly, it’s all for charity.

Here’s the link where you can purchase the song on iTunes.  All the proceeds go to Charity: Water. 

And, yes, I'm aware you can watch the video here for free.  But don’t be such a cheapskate!

Story via CBS Chicago


Best Hockey Fight Ever Francis Lessard Vs Sebastien Laferriere by Goon fights on YouTube

It's no secret I’m obsessed with sports. Very physical sports like football and hockey in particular.

But I’m also as girlie-girl as you get. And despite that fact – even I could do better in a rumble on the ice than these guys.

Is this the worst hockey fight of all times, or what? It looks more like the Ice Capades version of West Side Story!

I mean seriously, I’ve seen bantam’s go at it better than this! 

David Dziurzynski vs Frazer McLaren Mar 6, 2013 by on YouTube

Now, here’s what a real hockey fight should look like… although going at it 30 seconds into the game? 30 seconds?

Folks are still walking back double fisted to their seats. 

Story via CBS Detroit 


As you know there’s plenty of drama that goes on between teams on the hardcourt, gridiron and in an ice rink but during a track and field event? Well, apparently, yes – even events that don’t include Oscar Pistorious.

Watch what happens during this pole vault event. When a ref (yes, I was also shocked to learn there are refs for pole vaulting events!) waves the red flag after an amazing achievement in clearing the bar (for full disclosure I could only tell it was a good jump by the crowd reaction)

Did I see that right? Did that grown man just have a full on temper tantrum?

He was definitely crying but was that kicking and screaming?

I hope he got a time out and sent to bed without his supper.

Story via CBS Detroit


And just when we all thought the Harlem shake had it’s last hustle – the Miami Heat came out with a version that garnered tens of millions of hits. (What is wrong with you people?)

My hat goes off to the Minnesota Timberwolves for this brilliant video response.

Story Via Minnesota 

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I want to hear from you! Got a fun story sports fans may have missed?  Or an obscure, silly and perhaps gossipy tale we didn't cover?  E-mail Tara Lipinsky at or send me a Tweet @TaraLipinsky.

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