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TTYM: John Daly Tees Off A Model And Francoeur Thinks His Teammate Is Deaf

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week's That Thing You Missed watch John Daly hit a golf ball out of a model's mouth, while another golfer deals with a different type of hazard, a hockey fan's creepy haircut and is this the most epic professional sports prank ever?

 On Jeff Ears

On Jeff Ears by Antihero Baseball/Daylight Films on YouTube

Remember when I told you I didn’t like April Fools’ Jokes because they are cruel? Well, this professional baseball prank may not have been an April Fools' joke – but it sure is cruel. Ok, not quite Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito cruel, but cruel nonetheless.

And hysterical. I am completely obsessed.

Anyway, veteran outfielder Jeff “Frenchy” Francouer was recently traded to the Padres and sent to the Triple A El Paso Chihuahuas where his teammates decided it would be fun to trick him into thinking pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf.

You read that right. Deaf. And they pulled it off beautifully... for an entire month.

Now sit back, watch the video and thank me in the comment section. Betcha a buck you won’t be able to stop saying idiot for at least 24 hours.

Story via CBS Chicago

'Green' Hornets?

Pablo Larrazabal Escapes Hornets By Jumping Into A Lake by DP World Tour on YouTube

A golf course, by design, has many hazards: bunkers, lakes, even dense vegetation.

But swarms of insects?

During the second round of the Malyasian Open, Spain’s Pablo Larrazabal was forced to dive into a lake after getting attacked by hornets.

Despite the dip and dozens of stings, he went on to make a birdie on the 14th hole.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Well, not quite as impressive as qualifying to play on the serene grounds of Augusta.

Story via

Tee'd Off

John Daly has never exactly been the most traditional guy on the PGA Tour and it seems like things haven’t changed much over the years.

After spending a week in Augusta hawking his wares at The Masters instead of playing a few rounds it seems he got a bit bored.

What’s a bored golfer to do, you ask?

How about hit a golf ball off an aspiring “model’s” mouth.

Now, would that make her a “baller” or a “tee bagger?”

Story via CBS Detroit

A Buzzcut Above

So, this happened. A Rangers faithful made one of the most foolish decisions in the history of professional sports fandom.

He had Rick Nash’s face shaved into the back of his head.

Totally ridiculous. Every Rangers fan knows if you’re carving a player's face into your scalp – ya gotta go with Lundvquist.


Story via CBS New York

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