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TTYM: Blackhawks Fan Steals Adam Pardy's Helmet & Artie Lange Slams A-Rod

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week's That Thing You Missed, comedian Artie Lange bonds with the BoSox, the World Series champs clear up a hairy situation and hockey fans are as tough as the players.

Blackhawks Down 

Adam Pardy loses helmet to fan in stands by NHL on YouTube

I think we can finally all agree hockey players are the toughest athletes in professional sports, right?

Now, let’s talk about hockey fans. They are no joke either.

Last night at the Blackhawks-Jets game in Chicago Winnipeg’s Adam Pardy was checked not just into but through the glass and landed on the laps of the front row faithful.

So, what did they do, help him up? Hell, no! One guy stole his helmet while another one poured beer on him.

What’s the over/under helmet guy’s blood alcohol level is over .16?

Story via CBS Chicago

No Mo' Facial Hair! 

I’m a Mets Fan, Tigers fan and a fan of the clean-shaven man. So it may go without saying the above video represents my favorite part of the “Fall Classic.”

And now I’m freakin’ stuck with Movember.

Story via CBS Boston


Artie Lange Hates Alex Rodriguez | CONAN on TBS by Team Coco on YouTube

Lifelong Yankees Fan comedian Artie Lange, was a guest on Conan this past week and guess who else was on the couch? Boston Red Sox teammates Shane Victorino and Jonny Gnomes fresh off their World Series win.

And while the combination of a die-hard pinstripes fan with no filter and a couple of Red Sox would normally make for a disastrous combination, this appearance was a virtual love fest.

Why? You might ask. Well, the entire group bonded over their mutual disdain for one player in particular.

You guessed it, A-Rod.

Now, Gnomes and Victornio didn’t actually say anything while Lange was ripping the Yankee third baseman to shreds, but how could they talk when they were too busy cackling?

Story via CBS New York

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