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Top 10 Richest Celebrities Under 30

It's the holiday season and we're all saving up our pennies for presents for our loved ones. But there are some celebrities who don't have to worry about selling their arms and legs for holiday presents. So, I'm going to rub it in a little more with this list of "Top 10 Richest Celebrities Under 30".

According to Forbes List this past summer, these are the "Top 10 Under 30":

10. Taylor Lautner: $22 Million

Lautner sits pretty on $22 million, but that's all because of his supernatural ability to bite necks in Twilight. Lautner has not had any other major roles since Twilight, so let's hope he cuts down his lavish lifestyle or takes his shirt off for another film!

(Photo credit should read ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

9. Kristen Stewart: $22 Million

Stewart is in the same realm as Lautner... I couldn't imagine why. Stewart still has the dough rolling in from Twilight and has another good chunk of change coming in from Snow White and the Huntsman.  

(Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

8. Jennifer Lawrence: $26 Million

I guess her everlasting impression in The Hunger Games lead her to her huge role in Silver Linings Playbookwhich then lead her to the 8th spot with $26 Million.  Lawrence proved that action movies starring women can actually gross a lot of cash!

(Photo credit should read ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/Getty Images)

7. Adele: $30 Million

We love Adele for her audacity to sing and not care what people think about her image... and it pays off! Her music wasn't enough, though. Adele's World Tour was her big money-maker.  Alongside with her tour, her song Skyfall as the theme song for James Bond also reeled in some money.

(Photo credit should read ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

6. Katy Perry: $39 Million

Our brunette beauty Katy has done wonders for the music industry so no wonder she's loaded! I'm sure by next year this number will be doubled with her new album Prism that came out on October 22. If you missed the album release party, you can watch it on The CW on October 25. Details here!

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

5. Rihanna: $43 Million

Well, I guess it pays to party. Crazy Rihanna is spending like crazy and according to her, she's "still got money". Keep it up RiRi!

(Photo credit should read KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images)

4. Calvin Harris: $46 Million

I never would have guessed that this DJ/songwriter would have this much cash! Good for him! He gets most of his cash from producing songs so you can thank him (and pay him) for all of your favorite hits.

(Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images)

3. Taylor Swift: $55 Million

It doesn't surprise us that this singing sweetheart is rich as heck! This beauty sells out arenas, sells records like crazy, has endorsements with huge companies and, of course, sells merchandise up the ying-yang (I say as I'm bundled up in my Taylor Swift blanket). We love you T-Swift!

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

2. Justin Beiber: $58 Million

Biebs coming in as number 2! From selfies to sellouts, he manages to have a lot of monetary value beneath his peach-fuzz covered chin.

(Photo by Nicky Loh/Getty Images)

1. Lady Gaga: $80 Million

Who would have guessed it?! I guess she saves a lot of money wearing meat as clothes instead of gorgeous leather. Lady Gaga may have had to cancel shows due to her hip surgery, but I guess she made enough money on her Born This Way tour that she still remains number 1!

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV

So, hopefully this made you feel better about your holiday shopping! Which of these stars did you least expect to make the Top 10? Most expect?

Kendra Salito/ CW 44 Tampa Bay

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