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The Tomorrow People's First Time

Those lucky enough to attend Comic-Con got the opportunity to watch the first episode of our new CW series The Tomorrow People! After the screening, they got to hang out with our stars Robbie Amell, Mark Pellegrino and Peyton List along with executive producers Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer and Danny Cannon and learn more about the first season.

Spoiler Alert! This post contains information about The Tomorrow People's first episode and rest of the season!

Newer Version


A lot of the questions were about the similarities that this version of The Tomorrow People will have with its previous versions. Greg Berlanti stated that the show will be similar to the other versions in the sense that these characters are not different or weird, they are special people. They have details similar to the other version like the three T's (Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy), but the show will put their own twist and make it their own.

They will acknowledge the other version of the show. They borrowed episode titles from the past shows. Berlanti said that one of their dreams is to get actors from the original version to make cameos in the new series.

Character's Back Story


According to Berlanti, each episode, especially the first 6 or 7, will tell mini stories about all the main characters. They will explore their back stories and secrets. We will meet other people who are also living in the abandoned subway station. They will also explore how these people evolved into a "superior race," why they have these powers and how they got their inability to kill other people.

Always the Bad Guy


Mark Pellegrino has played some awesome characters in the past. He always plays the bad guy, including Lucifer from our CW show Supernatural. The Tomorrow People is no exception... he is just so good at being bad! Pellegrino was asked what he liked about his character, Jedikiah. He said: "I like Jedikiah's passion and dedication to his purpose, which is to kill the Tomorrow People." He also likes that he is a soldier and an intellectual.

Living Two Worlds


Like the audience saw in the finale of the first episode, Robbie Amell's character, Stephen, will start working for the bad guys to get more information about his father and who he is. The dramatic conflict in the show is a teenager trying to live two worlds and maintain his responsibilities to two species. Berlanti likes the idea of Stephen being an underdog in his normal life and a hero in his secret life.

The Tomorrow People similar to Heroes?


The Comic-Con audience asked the panel, "What makes this show different from other shows like Heroes?" Berlanti said that what sets this show apart from other shows is that their characters are normal people. They are relatable because they do not use weapons or wear costumes and masks. They are just normal people who find out they are special.

Sounds good to me, I can't wait for this series to begin! The Tomorrow People premieres on Wednesday October 9th at 9pm on CW44!

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