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The Selection: A CW Series Similar to 'Hunger Games'

Every year, one film is declared "The Best Fricken Movie, Ever." Last year, many of us cried over the tearful conclusion to the Twilight series. Vampires everywhere continue to re-watch the DVDs in hopes that the war between vampire and werewolf will never end. This year, the film to remember is The Hunger Games. Both the film and the book series have reached superstar infamy.

CW fans were given a gift during the Twilight phenomena. The Vampire Diaries is based on of the novels of the same name. The show gave vampire lovers an outlet for their continued vampire cravings.

Well CW fans, we have done it again. If you love the heart-racing adventure of The Hunger Games, we have yet another show to feed your hunger until the release of the second film.

CW is interested in a show called The Selection. Nothing is set in stone but, we think this could be really good for the Network! The Selection will be the first book in a trilogy planned for release on April 24. The show's concept is like that of The Hunger Games but it is no movie rip-off. Kiera Cass, the author of The Selection novel told TheWrap, "It's a lot lighter than The Hunger Games though, so if that's something people are looking for, then they might really enjoy the book."

The question is, will The Selection be outshone by its predecessor The Hunger Games? Or do we have another hit on our hands? We're hoping for the latter. Check back for more details!

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