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The CW Stars Celebrate Their Mommas!

As good sons and daughters, we should take the time to honor our mothers as often as possible. Mom did give us life, after all. But as busy sons and daughters, we don't always get the opportunity to give mom as much love as she deserves. So, the geniuses at the calendar companies got together to create a day just for mom. We now call this day Mother's Day.

The CW stars are the definition of busy sons and daughters. They may play heartless, blood-sucking, arrow-wielding bad-asses, but they all have moms in real life. Thanks to the creation of Mother's Day, the CW stars were able to slow down and take the time to celebrate their moms. See how the stars of the CW celebrated their moms this Mother's Day.

Nina Dobrev

Phoebe Tonkin

She's so tiny! Beautiful mommy/daughter pic.

Stephen Amell

Gina Rodriguez

Brett Dier

Brett is getting drunk with his mommy *notice the beer in hand*

Colton Haynes 

Baby Colton is so cute! #alwaysshirtless

Jared Padalecki 

These kids sure love their mommas! Happy Mother's Day!

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay

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