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I need to get something off my chest. My blood pressure is building, my frustration is growing, and for a guy who just had open heart surgery that is not a good thing. No I am not frustrated with the Bucs over the 1-8 start to the season. Nor am I frustrated the Bay Area lost the best manager in baseball to the Chicago Cubs. Nope I am not frustrated at the new Mayor of St Pete is willing to give up his baseball club. What I am frustrated with is the sports fans of the Bay Area not being angry with the state of affairs of our teams in the Bay Area, that is what has my blood boiling. Where is the fire in the belly around here? Where is the intestinal fortitude in Tampa Bay? Do we have any pride around here?

I saw something in the Tampa Tribune about the Bucs players kind of sorta understanding the frustration from the fans. The coaching staff knowing the fans aren't happy. Really that is just registering around here. Really?? Shame on us for not making it loud and clear this ain't cutting it.

I have said this on the radio and I'll say in this blog, I came back to do sports talk radio around here for a few reasons. One was that there were so much misinformed things being passed along, I used to drive around and scream at the radio come on get your facts right! Another big reason was the fans around here have been told over and over again that they were soft and didn't care, but that is just the way it is. If you are told the same garbage over and over again it starts to seep in. So I am here to tell you the excuses that you have been given and repeated back over and over again don't cut it.

We need to stand up and get after it. Your football team is bad, you don't not show up, no what you need to do is show up and let your voices be heard, in good times and bad times. Your manager leaves you, you need to get on the phone and sound off on the radio so the team gets the message of who you want to manage your club. How hard did the Bay Area fight to get a MLB team and now no one can be bothered to voice an opinion on what to do with the team this area fought so hard for.

I can't tell you how many calls I have gotten over the years from fans who want to complain every time ESPN makes fun of our part of the country for our poor attendance. Whose fault is that? How about the fan that gets upset when the other teams announcers don't know the difference between Tampa and St Pete? Or my favorite, we don't get any respect from any one else around the country. Well in order to get respect, don't you have to respect yourself. Don't you have to stand up and be heard, don't you have to show some passion and let people know you care.

So let this be a rallying cry to all. Get up off your feet, let your voices be heard loudly and clearly in good times and in bad. Rally around you teams when they win, and stand with them in bad times and let them know your displeasure. Light up the airwaves and light them up when they are not playing well. Bottom line respect is never given, it is earned and if we don't have any pride around here for ourselves how can we demand any respect from anyone else. Being a fan is more than jumping on a bandwagon and buying a cap to wear to the game. It's about time someone stood up here and told you that.

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