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'That's what I'm excited to see': Supporters ready for Gov. DeSantis to announce candidacy for president

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears ready to announce his presidential candidacy next week
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears ready to announce his presidential candidacy next week 02:05

TAMPA BAY, Fla. (Tampa Bay Now News) - Those close to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' plans say he is expected to formally enter the 2024 presidential race this week, as reported by CBS. A group that has worked closely with the governor since running for governor in 2018 and throughout his career say they look forward to his next steps.

"He just pushed through one of the most ambitious sessions legislatively that we've had in my lifetime," saidJake Hoffman, Executive Director for Tampa Bay Young Republicans. "And now he's focused on being, you know, running for president. So, that's what I'm excited to see, is him start to talk about it."

Hoffman says much of the conversation has also revolved around what happens after that official announcement. That goes for his nation-wide following and for Floridians.

"People have to remember that it is a long time before we get to Iowa and these primaries actually begin. We're talking almost a year and a half, at this point. Who's going to take over after DeSantis? It is going to have to be somebody with a strong personality that is going to say, 'I am going to follow in the footsteps of Ron DeSantis'."

Currently serving his second term as Florida Governor, DeSantis signed a sequence of bills including one allowing permitless concealed firearm carry and a six-week abortion ban. He's also discussed legislation to increase teacher pay, property development, and cutting taxes for home goods.

"There's so many things that are going to happen, politically in a year. The amount of things that could change people's public opinion is going to be enormous," said Hoffman. "You have two very beloved, you know, political figures in the republican party that are now going to be running against each other. What we're going to see is that play out."

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