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Tampa International Airport Sees High Numbers Of Passengers Coming To The Tampa Bay Area

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - The Summer rush is on in Tampa Bay and local businesses are ready for the action.

Tampa International Airport is seeing a huge increase in travelers coming to the Tampa Bay Area...and local business owners are reacting.

"Last night we did 4,600. 4,600 in just one day which is absolutely off the charts, and so we've noticed a significant increase in the foot traffic," said Craig Severson, Owner of Tropical Ice Cream.

"It's very busy, the tourism has picked up," said manager of Pipo and Betty's Bakery, Cecily Benga.

Business employees along Indian Rocks Beach are seeing more customers walk through their front doors this Summer compared to the last couple of years.

"We are seeing a lot of families come in. A lot of them from areas that you normally wouldn't see them from. From California, and other areas like Texas," said Severson.

We learned about 60,000 passengers a day are coming into Tampa International Airport. And some days are showing record-breaking numbers compared to pre-pandemic travel.

"They're all going to the beach, we are busy, very early in the morning, until mid-afternoon when we close at two," said Benga.

Benga says she's also noticed there's more places to stay.

"It's definitely picked up. There are more AirBnB's here locally so I think a lot of people are coming to visit Florida more," said Benga.

She says it's great for businesss.

"The line in the morning goes about three hours, but it's fast moving," said Benga.

Severson also likes what he sees.

"I'm happy. It could have, with the pandemic, it could have gone the other way," said Severson.

Employees say they don't expect business to slow down, but actually, they expect it to pick up as the Summer continues.

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