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Tampa Bay Preparing After Children's Covid-19 Vaccine Receives Final Approval

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44) - "Definitely getting her vaccinated as soon as we can," USF Health's Dr. Michael Teng plans to get his five-year-old daughter vaccinated as soon as possible. "It's just.. we've been waiting kind of on edge and I thought maybe we would have earlier this Fall [where] all school age children would be able to get vaccinated."

After Tuesday's final approval, pediatricians can start vaccinating children ages 5-11 against Covid-19. Federal health officials approved the Pfizer brand vaccine for about 28 million children.

In a news release American Academy of Pediatrics President Doctor Lee Savio Beers said "Sharing this life-saving vaccine with our children is a huge step forward and provides us all with more confidence and optimism about the future."

"They've even packaged it in a way that it doesn't look like the adult dose, so there's going to be a lot less chance of screw ups," said Teng.

The pediatric vaccine is already being shipped around the country. Children will receive two doses administered 21 days apart. The dosage is a third of the adult dose and determined by age, not size or weight.

"We've pre-purchased enough doses, there's not going to be a shortage of supply. It's just a matter of making sure they all get shipped out. I think this will go pretty smoothly," said Dr. Teng. "Right now the pandemic is hitting unvaccinated people more than unvaccinated people and that unvaccinated population includes the children so this is actually going to make a difference."

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