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Tampa Bay organizations hold abortion rights rally

Tampa Bay organizations hold abortion rights rally
Tampa Bay organizations hold abortion rights rally 02:16

TAMPA, Fla. (Tampa Bay Now) - Several Tampa Bay organizations came together to hold a rally for abortion rights on Sunday.

Sunday would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe V. Wade if it had not been overturned, and many groups wanted to commemorate the day.

"I hear words like 'devastation' and 'scary' and 'Can't believe that my daughter or my granddaughter has less rights than i have had.'" said Amy Weintraub with an organization called Progress Florida.

Weintraub says these are the things she's heard from women after Roe V. Wade was overturned last Summer.

"It's really, really turning the clock back on abortion rights in this country," said Weintraub.

Since then, Governor Ron DeSantis' 15 week abortion ban went into effect and she says it's impacting women.

"People in Florida who need abortions later in pregnancy are now being denied that. Their practitioners are no longer able to provide it so they have to make arrangements to go to other states where that care is available," said Weintraub.

Cheyenne Collins. with the Women's Advocacy Movement of Pinellas, says she is seeing the same thing.

"Different members throughout the community have had increased difficulties with accessing care, whether it be because they are outside the 15-week mark or they can't get an appointment within that 15-week period," said Collins.

Weintraub says abortion is a necessary form of healthcare.

"Our ability to finish education, our ability to find and keep gainful employment, and to make our way in our careers, we have to be able to control when and if we have a family," said Weintraub.

Governor Ron DeSantis and other pro-life leaders say they will continue fighting for unborn life, and many leaders are pushing for further abortion restrictions.

But Collins and Weintraub say they hope efforts like the rally this weekend will make a difference.

"We're really just trying to let people know that they fight is not over and we have to continue fighting for our rights," said Collins.

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