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Tampa Bay Law Enforcement Explains Safety Plan For Super Bowl Weekend

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Local law enforcement agencies all over Tampa Bay are preparing for Super Bowl weekend by increasing police presence and making sure teams know what they will be patrolling.

Tampa Fire Rescue officials say they will be out on the water all weekend long, making sure there are no terrorist threats and making sure everyone who is out on the water having a good time is safe. Interim Tampa Fire Rescue Chief Barbara Tripp says, "It's a good idea to have eyes everywhere: on the water, on land, and air."

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That's exactly what local agencies across the Tampa Bay Area are trying to achieve this weekend. Tripp adds, "We are partnered with Hillsborough County as well as Pasco County and Pinellas County," and says onlookers will see more safety and security teams all over the area over the next several days. "We have our Bike Medics who will be roaming throughout the City of Tampa to perform any emergency medical treatment. We have Hazmat. We have the Civil Support team."

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Chief, Dennis Jones, says "It's always a challenge to envision what might happen because we are on the big stage now. We take our normal footprint and expand it a little bit."

A big focus will be on the water. Tony Kupsis with Tampa Fire Rescue took CW44's Casey Albritton for a demonstration ride on the team's water vessel and says "Any type of event that might happen, whether it be a sea-born or hazmat or structure fire, this particular apparatus can handle pretty much anything." Kupsis is referring to Tampa's marine division, called The Patriot. "We're out patrolling non-stop," said Kupsis.

CW44 News At 10

With that in mind, Kupsis has a message for anyone that may be planning to celebrate on Tampa Bay's waterways. "I would maintain good cognitive ability. Make sure that you are not impaired because there will be copious amount of law enforcement out making sure our waterways are safe."

Officials say if you do have any issues out on the water, you can dial 911.


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