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Tampa Bay Fans React To The Lightning's Stanley Cup Win

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - The Tampa Bay Lightning are back to back champions! Wednesday night the team won the Stanley Cup.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and local business owners say the celebrations will continue through next week, with a boat parade and a lot of parties.

"We are the Stanley Cup champions 2021…back to back!" said Castor.

Owner of Ferg's Sports Bar, Mark Ferguson, says "People were having so much fun, dancing on tables, celebrating"

A community struck with pride and happiness as Tampa Bay once again becomes 'Champa Bay.'

Lightning Fan, William Giardini, says "All of The Bay, St. Pete, Hillsborough County, just erupted after the lightning won the Stanley Cup. It was electric."

Tampa Bay Lightning CEO, Steve Griggs, says "For Jeff Vinik to raise the cup at center ice with 19,000 fans. One of my greatest moments in sports is watching my owner lift the cup."

For Ferguson, a Lightning win means more than just a title.

"It's going to help everybody. Our bartenders are so happy. Our cooks are very happy that it's over, but our bartenders did really well in this finals," said Ferguson.

"We have these meetings on a regular basis of companies, families, of people who want to move here to be a part of Tampa Bay. It is just red hot here. We are creating whole communities around," said Castor.

With the win so fresh in everyone's minds, the city is hosting a celebratory boat parade next week and local businesses are holding parties.

"We're already on the phone with different beer distributors finding out what we can do. We are going to have another big party to celebrate the trophy being here," said Ferguson.

For die-hard fan, William Giardini, the next few days will be spent celebrating with friends, going to the parade, and adding a 2021 to his Lightning tattoo.

"The Lightning are really my life. I guess family comes first, and the lightning are second. So this will be my first party with the Stanley Cup in my presence. It'll be awesome," said Giardini.

That boat parade will take place next Monday followed by a party at Julien B. Lane Park.

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