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Tampa Bay Entrepreneurs Getting Opportunity To Showcase New Ideas

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Hundreds of young, diverse entrepreneurs are gearing up to showcase their ideas to top Tampa Bay investors in hopes of making their dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.

"I'm a Tampa native, born and raised. I've built four companies in Tampa, had a few successes and failures," said Sat Ramphal, CEO and Co-Founder of Maya AI. He and his brothers have been bringing fresh startup ideas to the forefront for more than ten years now. "My co-founding team is a group of three brothers, one younger brother and one older brother Sean and Shivam. I was going to HCC and USF to be a civil engineer and then I dropped into life at 19 when I started my very first company with my older brother."

This week, they, along with three hundred other young entrepreneurs and entrepreneur hopefuls, are presenting their ideas to those investors.

"Maya AI is an artificial intelligence platform for businesses.," said Ramphal. "She's pretty much helping them predict where they can find their next customer, how they can find them and how they can target them in real time and acquire them."

"Tampa has been on a vastly growing trajectory over the last few years for innovation, entrepreneurship, startup," said Brian Kornfeld, CEO & Founder of Synapse which is bringing everyone together for a summit. "We're off to the races. The sky is the limit. We're thrilled to be able to host such top notch talent right here in downtown Tampa."

Synapse is a non-profit organization working to place Florida at the top for innovation and startup growth.

"We launched in 2017 as a group of entrepreneurs who really just saw a lot of opportunity that was right here in the sunshine state that wasn't being taken advantage of," said Kornfeld.

Their mission: to get young entrepreneurs like Sat and local investors in the same room.

"Discovering new technologies that are happening and unfolding right in front of our very eyes. Things like this metaverse and web3 and cryptocurrency," said Kornfeld.

"It's extremely important to have those like-minded individuals around you getting advice, mentorship, investors, other resources," added Ramphal.

Organizers expect over 5,000 people at Amalie Arena Thursday including hundreds of big name speakers like Cathy Hackl speaking on Metaverse, Felicia Hatcher with Black Ambition, and Manny Medina with eMerge.

"Our entire team is ready so we're just passionate and ready for the road ahead," said Ramphal.

Click here for more details on the summit.

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