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Tampa Bay Businesses Are Being Impacted By Higher Gas Prices

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - The Tampa Bay Area is seeing the highest gas prices in five weeks...with the average hitting around $4.20 according to AAA.

With the gas prices being so high, local businesses are now having to make some adjustments.

Angie Landis own's Angie's Mobile Pet Styling and says "I'm doing okay…as long as I'm ok, I can take a hit."

The hit Landis is referring to is gas prices increasing.

"The gas bill went up a couple thousand dollars a month but I did raise the price $5 on the travel fee. Not too much, but I did need a little bit," said Landis.

According to AAA, gas prices are reaching a record high for the last five weeks, around $4.20.

"The price is going up, but I'm just trying to make it through this time," said Landis.

She has eleven different grooming vans.

"They go through at least half a tank a day, and the generator is running the whole time so it's sucking gas the whole time even when they're not driving," said Landis.

Montanna York-Hennessy is one of the groomers for the business and says "The last time I remember and this was about three quarters, it's about $90 dollars."

She says filling up the tank gets close to $100.

"I feel like I'm driving for a good two hours of the day," said York-Hennessy.

AAA spokesperson, Mark Jenkins, says the Tampa Bay Area won't see any gas price relief for the next few months.

"There's a good chance that those prices could get even more expensive by the end of the day or even the end of the week," said Jenkins.

But Landis and York-Hennessy both hope the prices ease up soon.

"Eventually it will get better, I just feel like it will," said Landis.

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