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Tampa Bay Animal Shelters Overwhelmed With Rabbits And Cats

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Tampa Bay Area animal shelters are seeing an influx in pandemic puppies, kittens, and even some hoppier furry friends.

Now, they need your help as they deal with max capacity.

At the SPCA of Tampa Bay, officials say they have so many bunnies right now, they are having to find other areas of the building to house them. Officials say they have over 30 bunnies available for adoption, including one spotted one named Oreo.

Chief Operations Officer for the SPCA Tampa Bay, Tara Yurkshad says "This time around, the population is just booming."

Christine McLarty with the Tampa Bay Humane Society says "It's heart-wrenching. We are busting at the seams with cats and dogs and bunnies."

It's a feeling employees at animals shelters all over the Tampa Bay Area are feeling: overwhelmed.

"We have over 30 rabbits available for adoption on the adoption floor which is a really high number," said Yurkshad.

You wouldn't think an abundance of rabbits would be the issue, but for the SPCA of Tampa Bay, it is.

"We have burst out of our pocket pet room and we are showing available bunnies in behind the scenes in other areas in the back," said Yurkshad.

One of the longest staying rabbits there is named Prince.

"He's a little stray, we don't know the history about him, but his notes say he loves to give kisses," said Yurkshad.

For the Tampa Bay Humane Society, the issue is kittens.

"We just have so many right now that our administrative offices have what we call cat condos, where you have multiple cats in one condo. we have them spread all through out the offices in the building," said McLarty.

While Yurkshad, says she isn't sure why the increase of rabbits is happening, McLarty says she has an idea as to why the number of kittens is spiking.

"Part of the issue is the pandemic, a lot of animal hospitals have had to close their shelters or reduce their hours drastically which means they haven't been able to sterilize the animals and now we are seeing an influx," said McLarty.

McLarty says right now the humane society is still taking stray cats, but is having to turn surrendered cats away just to make room. She encourages everyone to come adopt.

"They rescue you just as much as you rescue them. At the end of the day, they add so much to your life," said McLarty.

SPCA says you can adopt these bunnies without any cost through November 28. Tampa Bay Humane Society is also running a buy-one-get-one deal for dogs.

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