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Woman Finds Wedding Ring After Losing It In The Ocean Six Days Earlier

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Imagine losing a wedding ring in the middle of the ocean! One St. Petersburg woman did…and then found it six days later.

Isliany Rawshdeh says after looking continuously for her ring for six days, she almost lost hope, until one local group found it five feet under water.

"I was like 'Oh my God, no! I can't believe this is happening.' I told everyone not to move. 'Please don't move. We are going to find it,'" said Rawshdeh.

What was originally was supposed to be a fun Memorial Day out on the Gulf at Egmont Key, turned into a nightmare for Rawshdeh.

"We were about five feet deep in the water, playing volleyball. All of a sudden, I went to hit the ball and my ring just flew out of my hand into the ocean," said Rawshdeh.

Rawshdeh says her ring was custom made by her husband.

"Like everything has a meaning in the ring, so we were really devastated," said Rawshdeh.

She says the search started immediately.

"People were snorkeling. We even got someone with a metal detector right quick and we couldn't' find anything," said Rawshdeh.

Six days went by, each day spent out in the water, and eventually Rawshdeh started to lose hope until she heard of a group called West State Archeological Society. .

President of the club, Jim Thobe, says "An engagement, looking wedding ring, you don't want to lose that."

Thobe says he's used to finding things like coins in the ocean, but not rings, but as soon as he heard Rawshdeh's story, his group members got their metal detectors.

"Waterproof with headphones and everything and once we locate the target, we dig it up with a shovel," said Those.

After hours of looking on Sunday, and several false alarms, they had success.

"Eventually Mike heard it, and found it," said Thobe.

With the help of a selfless volunteer group, Rawshdeh got her wish with a surprise second proposal.

"He sat next to me and he kissed me and he says 'Sometimes life just smiles at you and put the ring on my finger again,'" said Rawshdeh.

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