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St. Pete Car Wash Gearing Up To Deliver A Spooky Halloween Surprise

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - The next time you head out to your local car wash, make sure to do a double-take on those car windows. You might have a spooky masked man right outside your car. A St. Pete car wash company says they're going all-out this year to help kids celebrate Halloween safely!

When you think of a car wash, you probably don't think you'll run in to Michael Myers while you're vacuuming your car out, but that's exactly what you'll find at Woodie's Wash Shack Wave of Terror Drive-Thru Haunted Car Wash in St. Petersburg, but keep in mind, it's all for a good cause. "While you're on the grounds of the property, there will be some creepy creatures wandering around, maybe banging on your windows. Don't worry, they won't touch your paint job," said Jenny Beadle, Marketing Director at Woodie's Wash Shack.

Known for their nostalgic surf culture of the 1950's and '60's, Woodie's Wash Shack came to life in 2019 with their first location off 66th Street in St. Pete. "Our playlist is usually Jimmy Buffett and the Beach Boys and all that so we just want to bring a fun vibe to an otherwise mundane task of washing your car," said Beadle.

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Woodie's was one of many businesses who had to quickly pivot earlier this year due to the pandemic. "Obviously we got shut down when Covid, you know, the whole thing first started," said Beadle. But they quickly figured out a way to get back to business by focusing on our first responders in Pinellas County. "We wanted to make sure that they could get their cars disinfected and cleaned because they were the ones who were still going to work every day, they were in the trenches, they were the ones that we really wanted to support." Then soon after, they reopened to the public. And with their main focus being good wholesome family fun, they're looking to use their creativity for a second time during the pandemic. This time, to break away from the basic car wash experience, and bring a little terror to you and yours this Halloween.

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Acknowledging the uncertainty of celebrating Halloween locally but didn't want kids to miss out on the experience. "We recognize this year is a little weird for everybody and that there may be families or neighborhoods that are uncomfortable with trick-or-treating," said Beadle. So they're providing a scary - but safe - experience at the car wash with Woodie's Wave of Terror with a portion of the proceeds going to help fund a scholarship through the Pinellas Education Foundation.

Beadle describes what patrons will experience if they decide to brave the Wave of Terror. "As the cars are entering into the tunnel, the conveyor belt will be slowed down so it's a nice, long experience." Staff will then let one car in the tunnel at a time and close both entrance and exit garage doors for some creepy effects. "It's going to be super dark in the tunnel. There's going to be lots of surprises inside the tunnel," she said. "Some kids are already afraid to go through the car wash so we don't want to make that worse. So it will be scary, but not super scary," said Beadle.

For the daring locals that would like to check out the car wash during Woodie's Wave of Terror, you can stop by October 29th, 30th and 31st from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Admission is $20, $10 for members.

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