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St. Pete Business Owner: 'Close Your Business Or Close Your Casket'

Pinellas County - Disagreement in continues in Tampa Bay as many question what business is non-essential. Pinellas County officials have taken the Governor's Executive Order a step further in expanding what Bay Area businesses are non-essential. Frenchie Bradley, owner and operator of Salon Lofts in downtown St. Pete says her business was closed in response to the COVID-19 mitigation effort, but that won't stop her from creatively helping her clients.

While her salon doors are temporarily closed, Frenchie has adapted her business model to utilize Zoom meetings to help her clients through this difficult time. The Stay At Home order has left many women missing their hair appointments, which Frenchie recognizes as an essential service for emotional and mental well-being. She is now able to "keep" her appointments by hosting group sessions with clients to maintain beauty style and condition until her business is able to reopen. It's just one way of supporting her loyal clients of over two decades.

While she would rather perform her service face-to-face, Frenchie says it's a matter of, "do you want to close your business or do you want to close your casket"?

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