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Skateboard Event In St. Pete Seeks To Raise Funds To Build 2 Parks In Peru

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - A St. Pete skate shop is raising money locally to help build two new skate parks in Peru through the Skating Across Borders fundraising event.

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Jay Turner, the owner of Anchor Skate Supply in St. Petersburg is working to fund two Peruvian skate parks by using what he says is the universal language of skateboarding. He says, "It's cool to be involved on a level where we are helping the community grow all over the world."

This marks the second time Turner has partnered with the Concrete Jungle Foundation, which seeks to 'empower individuals and communities worldwide through fostering and sustaining the positive values inherent to skateboarding.'

Skating across borders is an event focused around a fundraiser for Concrete Jungle Foundation which is a non profit that their whole focus is to build skate parks in disenfranchised underdeveloped countries.

Recognizing an opportunity to make a difference, Anchor Skate's Assistant Manager, Jake White adds, "The fact that we're here and were skating in America and we can raise some money to get other skateparks around the world is phenomenal. It's really amazing." Along with the goal of life-long impact through skating, "For me it's just been the greatest thing as far as going on adventures, the friends you're going to meet. I've met almost all my friends through skateboarding; just a great community, everyone's always arms open."

Turner says they fully support the mission behind the Concrete Jungle Foundation and the event, Skating Across Borders. "The Concrete Jungle [Foundation] and what they did and what their involvement with skateboarding is and what they do for the skateboarding community all over the world -- I was all for it, so were donating our time; our knowledge for the event."

Skating Across Borders, their second annual fundraising event is dated for May 22, 2021 at Green Bench Brewery in Downtown St. Pete. The evening will consist of a half-pipe skate competition, four live band performances, vendors, food trucks an art show, and $5000 in prizes and giveaways!

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