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Sixteen Plead Guilty As A Part Of Operation Ice Mama

SARASOTA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10)-- The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office has an update on a 2019 operation that led to the arrest of sixteen people for methamphetamine trafficking and other drug offenses.
In May 2019, the Special Investigations Section conducted an undercover operation dubbed Operation Ice Mama, aimed at infiltrating a large drug trafficking ring responsible for distributing methamphetamine throughout the Sarasota County area.
With the court system shutting down due to COVID, the cases slowly progressed through the judicial system, culminating last week when the final defendant took a plea. Over the last year, detectives have been involved in multiple depositions and put in an extraordinary amount of effort, working towards a successful resolution, resulting in the charges listed below. Because of the hard work of our investigators and our partners at the State Attorney's Office, each arrestee has plead guilty to the following charges

Photo Credits: Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

  • Jennifer Lambert – 10 years Department of Corrections/ 5 years' Probation
  • Robbie Cain – 10 years Department of Corrections / 5 years' Probation
  • Randy Greene – 10 years Department of Corrections / 5 years' Probation
  • Erik Walker – 7 years Department of Corrections / 18 months' Probation
  • Walter Lint- 5 years Department of Corrections
  • Scott Hill- 3 years Department of Corrections
  • Ronda Gibson- 3 years Department of Corrections / 2 years' Probation
  • Bobby Jo Whiting- 2 years Department of Corrections
  • Heather Johnson- 1 year County Jail/ 2 years' Probation
  • Drew Tilson- 1 year County Jail/ 18 months' Probation
  • Jimalee Willis- 4 months County Jail/ 3 years' Probation
  • Joseph Hochberg- 6 months County Jail
  • Robert McMullen- 90 days County Jail/1-year Probation
  • William Williams- 5 years' Probation
  • Casey Ross- 5 years' Probation
  • Patricia Greene- 5 years' Probation
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