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Rich Herrera's Mr. Know it All: America's Pride is Waning

Have you been watching the WBC 2013 tourney? Well judging by the attendance not many of you have. Saturday night I went into my favorite hang out for a late dinner (yes I had a grilled chicken salad at Hooters on 4th St NO WAY I AM LOSING TO BOOGER) and I think I was the only one watching Team USA vs. Italy in a must win game for USA Baseball after losing to Mexico in game one at Chase Field. Only 19K attended the game. Are you freaking kidding me?! Only 19K showed up with all those extra seam heads in town for spring training?! We only had 19K show for the WBC!

While I was watching TV this weekend I saw the new commercial for the movie with Morgan Freeman where the White House is attacked, Olympus Has Fallen. In the commercial he says something about America is at its best when we are under attack. You know he is right. We as Americans will fuss and fight amongst ourselves all the time. And the only time we come together as one is when we are challenged as a nation, and the same goes for our national teams.

If you are old enough to remember the USA getting robbed in the 1972 games by the Russians, it made the cold war a little colder. And you remember we sent the Dream Team over in 1992 after watching our college kids get beat up by grown men. Maybe we need someone to light a fire under the American sports fans to get them fired up about USA Baseball.

The attitude that most fans take today about the WBC is "It is getting in the way of the Yankees and Dodgers getting ready for the regular season" or "HO HUMM. We aren't sending our best so does it really matter?"

You know if we wanted to send our best we would open a can of whoop ass! But since we are fighting with one hand tied behind our back, whatever dude.

What we need to happen to wake up the fans is one of two things: either we get an Ivan Drago super villain to suit up for another country and show off his stuff to the point that Americans will feel threatened. A curve ball that causes Ryan Braun to break his ankle swinging at, or a fastball with so much giddy up that it shatters David Wrights bat on impact. If he could be suspected of never heard of super duper PED's that are so advanced he can't be tested that would be a bonus. We would need him to arrogant and mean. If he came from a communist nation, that might also help. If we faced that challenge, could you see yourself getting up at 6 am to watch the first pitch as our boys marched to the plate risking life and limb to use the best Wonder Boy piece of lumber (if you don't get the reference I am revoking your man card)? Some like that would get our national pride going.

The other less likely alternative is to have A-Rod suit up for the Dominican Republic with Manny Ramirez and have them coached by Classy Freddy Blassie with the Iron Sheik as pitching coach and Nikoli Volkov coaching third.

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