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Restaurants See Big Crowds For Cinco De Mayo

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Many restaurants are celebrating their first big Cinco De Mayo in more than two years because of the pandemic.

This Cinco De Mayo, the owner of Que Pasa says he's seeing more customers than ever before, and he hopes this momentum continues through the weekend.

"We expect this to be one of our biggest," said owner, Britt Guyer.

This Cinco De Mayo is something Britt Guyer has been looking forward to for a long time.

"It's the energy and expectations. People are out having a great time. There are no more regulations, no more mask mandates," said Guyer.

He says this is the first Cinco De Mayo that he expects to be at full capacity at his restaurant, Que Pasa.

"The perspective now is that there's no more…everything is safe and they can come out and live their lives, they can come out and celebrate and go to the places they like to go," said Guyer.

He says he's been peparing for this day for weeks…making sure his staff is ready for the crowd.

"This is our Superbowl Day. We have a DJ, we have giveaways, and I think we will hit some of our biggest numbers today," said Guyer.

Loyal customer, Ray Baker says it was hard seeing Que Pasa impacted by the pandemic.

"I love these people and it's a job for them, it provides for their family," said Baker.

He says he's glad to see this Cinco De Mayo look more normal.

"A place like this directly and indirectly supports a lot of jobs," said Baker.

As the Cinco De Mayo celebrations continue through the weekend, Baker hopes the excitement also continues.

"It's going to be a zoo. I fully expect it'll be a zoo," said Baker.

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