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Georgia Sec. of State Raffensperger Responds To President's 'Rigged Election' Tweet

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News) -- After the Georgia Secretary of State's office accused President Donald Trump and other lawmakers of inciting violence against election officials, Trump tweeted out this response, calling Georgia's election a rigged Election and doubling down on his accusations of massive voter fraud.

"This is exactly the kind of language that is at the base of a growing threat environment for election workers who are simply doing their jobs," said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The threats continued as election workers approached the midnight deadline for Georgia's recount Wednesday night. As of the afternoon, 132 of the 159 counties had completed the process.

Raffensperger says it's time to move forward. "It doesn't look like our guy has won the election. It looks like Vice President Biden will be carrying Georgia, and he is our President-Elect," he said. "We will continue to do our jobs, follow the law and follow the process."

Raffensperger has also launched investigations into several groups he says have encouraged fraudulent voter registrations, including Vote Forward and America Votes. He accused the New Georgia Project of sending several voter registration mailers to ineligible voters or dead persons, including one of his own family members. He showed three mailers that came to his home. "It's to my son, Brenton Jay Raffensperger, who passed away two years ago."

The New Georgia Project did not immediately respond to CW69's interview request. We were also unable to reach Operation New Voter Registration GA for their response.

Vote Forward is accused of sending a letter encouraging a long-dead person in Alabama to register to vote. A spokesperson with the organization responded with the following statement:

Vote Forward empowers volunteers to send heartfelt, handwritten letters to encourage their fellow citizens to participate in our democracy. Writing letters has quickly become one of the most popular and effective grassroots voter contact tools this past year. More than 180K volunteers used Vote Forward to write more than 19 million letters to voters ahead of the 2020 elections. The letters our volunteers are mailing in advance of the January 5th special election are being sent only to Georgia addresses, not to any other state. These letters do not include registration applications and do not directly register anyone to vote. We rely on a third-party vendor for voter information and try to make sure this data is as accurate as possible. However, the data is imperfect and there are some inconsistencies that we can neither predict nor control. If any letter recipient has moved out of state or passed away, they will of course be unable to register to vote in Georgia, and the letter itself will have no effect.

Raffensperger said America Votes sent absentee ballot applications to an address one person had not lived at in over 25 years. Their spokesperson, Sahil Mehrotra, issued this statement:

America Votes has mailed registered voters in Georgia applications to safely and securely vote by mail in the January runoffs. These mailings were sent to the list of registered voters maintained by the Secretary of State. We're pleased that so many Georgians have already applied to vote by mail this election and will continue our work to make sure every voice is heard in January.

While the investigations are underway, Raffensperger said the next steps after the recount are certifying the votes and looking ahead to the January 5 runoff election.

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