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(POLL) Here Is The Items For This Week's "Worthlist"

Every Wednesday, each member of Fan Interference has something in life that they believe is worthless. Through the first two weeks, Jim Lighthall has provided us with the two most worthless things of the group. After a week of fan votes, the item that receives the most votes is moved to the worth"list".  Thus far, male nipples and last week's winner, the furry toilet seat cover. So from now on to Fan Interference, those items are now worthless.

This week, we have 4 new items that we need listeners to vote on to deem what is this week's most worthless item.

Jim this week took aim at people who put their pets in costumes. More than likely, the pets are uncomfortable and hate it the entire time.

Drake thought that the 2 weeks notice at work is kind of worthless. IF you're going to leave a job, just go ahead and go. No real need to hang out for two weeks with all of the people you never talk to coming up to you wishing you luck. Plus, from Drake's perspective, those 2 weeks are a great time to check out, so why bother.

Greg Linnelli believed that the no turn on red needs to go. Are there really that many accidents or people not paying attention that we need to enforce people not turning right on a red light? IT just seems excessive.

Finally, The Commish went to food well and said that turkey bacon has got to go. In the word of Justin, if you want to lose weight, than just stop eating bacon in any form. Either go all in and have the most wonderful food of all, or cut it out completely. Don't go half way.

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