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Polk County Sheriff Releases Names Of Three Victims In Davenport Murder

DAVENPORT, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - On Monday, the Polk County Sheriff's Office provided the names of victims and more details on a deadly shooting in Davenport that unfolded over the weekend.

Polk County is reeling after a triple murder rocks the community over the weekend.

Sheriff Grady Judd says a Pennsylvania electric company worker told investigators he set out to kill his coworkers and did just that Saturday in Davenport.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says 39-year-old Shaun Runyon started planning to murder his three coworkers on Friday. He says those three victims were good people and they had families. They were all temporarily staying in a home in a gated community.

"This is a cold-blooded, calculated, violent murdering beast," said Sheriff Grady Judd at a press conference on Monday.

Sheriff Judd says Runyon is now being charged for killing his three coworkers Saturday morning.

"The three victims were electricians, they are wonderful family people, just solid, solid folks," said Sheriff Judd.

Sheriff Judd says Runyon and his coworkers were doing some work for a Publix in Lakeland, and all of the coworkers were staying together in one home while completing the project. Officials say the project supervisor, Kevin Lanusse and Runyon got into an argument on Friday.

"And said he's not working fast enough," said Sheriff Judd.

Sheriff Judd says Runyon punched Lanusse and fled in the company car. He then rented a car from the Tampa International Airport and bought a bat at a local target. The next morning officials say he broke into the home where his coworkers were staying.

"He knows they are going to be in bed, asleep because they've been working overnight. He knows their pattern," said Sheriff Judd.

Sheriff Judd says he went inside and beat three of his coworkers to death. Another person in the home was hit with the bat but survived. Afterwards officials say Runyon fled the scene and went to go do some tile work for another Publix worker at their home, and when he showed up with blood on his shirt, the owner of the home told him to go to the hospital. Sheriff Judd says Runyon went to the hospital where he was arrested by Polk County Deputies, and is now being charged in the murder of 41-year-old Kevin Lanusse, 44-year-old Gregory Dolezal, and 46-year-old Dewlon "Dew" Donell.

"They don't get to see their children grow up. Dew will never get the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle when she gets married, or see his grandchildren," said Sheriff Judd.

Sheriff Judd says this investigation is ongoing and we will bring you the latest details as soon as we can.

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