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Paranormal And Horror Convention Coming To Florida

COCO, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – "HorrorVille" a horror and paranormal convention trade-how will be bringing supernatural to Florida on January 22nd and 23rd.

Road House Entertainment will bring a horror convention, a world-class horror convention, to the Space Coast Convention Center for a special weekend of movie stars, psychics, paranormal explorers and guest celebrities. Enter the portal to a phenomenal weekend of phantasms and gore… and much more!

Mark Patton is best known for his part in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge" and Brian Bremer from 1980s film "Pumpkin Head" are among the guests who will be signing autographs, meeting fans and be available for photo ops. Along with the actors there will be a plethora of paranormal talks and psychic readings. The paranormal guests include Nick Grossmann of Ghost Storm Investigations, author Charles F Rosenay!!! of Tours of Terror Author, and Scott Tepperman of Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Life Paranormal.

The convention promises two days of fun, fiends and phantoms to invade Florida. The state already has a long history of paranormal activity including a haunted playground known as The Compound," and there is also "The Grid" or "Palm Bay Maze" where there are no street signs, and it is incredibly easy to get lost. Numerous injuries have occurred there, though it's not known how many deaths, leading the region to have become an energy-attracting hot spot, where many people report seeing people walking along the streets and disappearing, as well as weird lighting scenarios along the streets.

Additionally, Florida's everglades are believed by many to be a doorway to the underworld in some areas of the swamp land. So many parts of Florida are scorching hot zones for activity. "There is no better place to put on a horror-themed convention," states producer David Bradley, of Road House Entertainment. The fun-filled, fear-injected weekend with be highlighted by not only the guests, but also vendors displaying and selling film and paranormal memorabilia, collectibles and souvenirs.

Nick Grossmann, a special guest from Connecticut, states that, along with being a guest, he is also a fan, and loves the focus on the 1980's horror movies Road House Entertainment is paying tribute to. One half of "The Shaman & The Showman" paranormal team with Charles Rosenay!!!, the duo are known for presenting events where they "prove the paranormal." Rosenay!!!, an actor, is also known for creating one of the world's biggest indoor horror attractions, and has organized tours to Dracula's Castle in Transylvania since 1998. Along with Grossmann and Rosenay!!!, attendees will meet other guests including Felissa Rose, who starred in the cult classic 1983 film "Sleepaway Camp."

In bringing the guests, vendors and attractions to the Space Coast Convention Center, Bradley fills a void in the area for a professionally-run, fan-oriented extravaganza that will appeal to most casual attendee along with the most die-hard horror enthusiast or collector. Road House Entertainment is a major agency that covers a full spectrum of entertainment from television productions to live music and, now, fan conventions! Owner David Bradley shares that HorrorVille was an idea he cooked up a while back, and has always wanted to make it a reality. The pandemic threw a curve, but his company Road House Entertainment never stopped the planning.

Fans and insiders alike are looking forward to HorrorVille becoming one of Florida's biggest horror and paranormal conventions of the year! The Space Coast Convention Center is conveniently located centrally along the East Coast of Florida, adjacent to the Holiday Inn in Cocoa, just 30 minutes from Orlando and midway between Jacksonville and Miami. Advance tickets are now on sale. For further information visit or phone (424) 501-6103.

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