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Pants Rants -Can LeBron James be the Greatest Ever??? Pants Breaks it Down for you.

LeBron James stole the show last night with his career-high 61 points versus the Charlotte Bobcats. That got me thinking… How good can King James be??? Better than Michael Jordan??? It's not as far-fetched as it seems…

There is no doubting Michael Jordan's greatness.
6 NBA Championships.
6 NBA Finals MVP's
0 losses in The Finals
Dude never even had to play a Game 7…
The best… EVER.

Can LeBron get there??? Let's take a look at it.

Right now King James has 2 NBA Championships with 2 Finals MVP's. He has also lost twice in The Finals. In my mind, he has to win at least 8 rings to eclipse Jordan. The Heat are the favorites once again this year, but they might not be as strong as they have been. I'm going to give the King and his Court the benefit of the doubt and give them the Three-peat.
Now is where things get interesting… LeBron James will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Yes… The Decision II is coming… Many people believe that he'll either, stay in Miami, go back to Cleveland or maybe join the Los Angeles Lakers. I believe LeBron James is every bit as good of a basketball player as Jordan was, but his supporting cast will ultimately define his legacy…

If King James keeps his talents in South Beach, I don't believe he will win more than 1 more title after this year. Dwayne Wade is breaking down and the rest of the Heat supporting cast aren't good enough to sustain a Jordan-Bulls-Esque run. They would have to bring in another superstar and I don't see that happening with D-Wade still there.

I think LeBron has a better chance stacking Championships in C-Town. While Kyrie Erving isn't happy in Cleveland now, he would be if he could team up with James. Those two superstars along with a quality big man could wreak havoc on the Association for years.

As cool as it would be to see LeBron return to Cleveland, it might be more intriguing to see what he can do in La La Land. What about the possibility of LeBron and Kobe teaming up for a year or two…. That would be epic. As a basketball fan, I would love to see the two greatest players of this generation team up. With a full offseason to heal, I know Bryant still has some left in the tank. He also wouldn't have to be "the guy". Whether Kobe would ever accept a "Robin" role remains a question…

I think that a LeBron/Kobe combination would win 1… maybe 2 rings. Let's go with 1. That would give The King 4 by my count by the end of 2015. At this time he will be 30 years old. Kobe will most likely retire, leaving James roughly a 7-year window to win 4 more Championships… Yeesh. The one thing that he would have in his favor is that the Lakers shouldn't have any problem landing elite talent. Hello Kevin Love!!! If James could join the best big man in the game… in his prime; then 4 more rings would be possible.

Can LeBron James become the greatest of all time??? Yes. Will he??? It's still a tall order. In the meantime, let's just sit back and enjoy the show.


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