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New Port Richey Teen Captures Eye of Tornado on Video

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (CW44 News at 10) - The National Weather Service of Tampa Bay confirmed to CW44 News Wednesday two tornadoes touched down in the area Tuesday evening. No injuries have been reported. The NWS says they were able to ascertain the information about the tornadoes based on local social media reports, video, and photos online showing the storm hitting the Tampa Bay region. Part of that is thanks to a 15-year-old aspiring storm chaser who called it in.

"20 minutes before the whole thing occurred, I was on a bike ride with my family," explained New Port Richey teen, Nick Krasznavolgyi. Tuesday, just two days before his sixteenth birthday, he got his ultimate wish - a Tampa Bay tornado. "[We] came back home and then I looked outside and noticed it was dark out. So I just went outside to go look. There was, like a low cloud. It's called scud cloud and then I noticed it started rotating really rapidly," he recalled.

Standing in his front yard with his family, he began recording and captured the mayhem on video while looking into the mouth of the twister. "My heart rate jumped up really quick. We saw trees being lofted in a vertical motion giving evidence that it was a tornado on the ground at that point," he said.

Nick reported the whirlwind sighting to the National Weather Service of Tampa Bay who was able to confirm two tornadoes touched down, one in New Port Richey and the other in Town N' Country.

CW44's Andrea Alvarez asked the brave soon-to-be 16-year-old if he was afraid while chasing the storm:

"Not at all," he replied immediately. "I was amazed by it. It's been my childhood dream to see something like that ever since I was little." As a child, Nick strived for the excitement of weather phenomenon. He became obsessed with the show, Storm Chasers, eager to become a meteorologist.

"I don't think many kids have always know what they want to do in the future and he wants to be a meteorologist," said Ashli Krasznavolgyi, Nick's Mom, New Port Richey.

"Ever since I saw that show I wanted to just catch a tornado," said Nick. "Yesterday was the first time that childhood dream came true and it made me tear up yesterday because I waited so long to see something like that."

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