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Navigating The Web For The Best Deals On Cyber Monday

When Cyber Monday rolls around this year, the web is going to be all abuzz with the latest and greatest one-day only deals. To avoid too much impulse buying, and in turn buyer’s remorse, start thinking now about your shopping on the first Monday after Black Friday. Here are some tips to get you started.

Create A List

Holiday Wish List
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Start thinking about your holiday shopping now and create a wish list for yourself and those you are buying gifts for. This will not only keep you organized and on track, but it will also help you save time as you’re navigating the web, so you can get all the best deals possible. When coming up with the list consider this: the best deals on Cyber Monday (and in turn the most items purchased) are for electronics, toys and games, and clothing.

Do Your Research In Advance

Research Prices
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Once you have that wish list created, start your research. This should mainly include finding out what current pricing is, and writing that down to make sure you’re getting a deal come Cyber Monday. Some sites will also mention exactly what their Cyber Monday sale will be as well as the timing of that sale; keep note of important information like that to make sure you won’t be missing out on any deals.

Pick A Budget And Stick To It

Holiday Budget
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While you’ll be saving money with the cyber sales, it’s easy to keep hitting ‘buy’ (especially with 1-click buys on Amazon, for one). To avoid spending too much, after you’ve created the wish list, come up with a reasonable budget that you can stick to while you’re shopping. In thinking about your budget, also consider shipping costs. If you can choose ship-to-store, make note of that on your list as well, as that can also help you save money, especially on bigger ticket items.

Sign Up For Loyalty Rewards Now

Loyalty Programs
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Many online shops offer loyalty programs that include coupons or points toward later purchases. If you’re signed up before Cyber Monday, you can rack up even more points and rewards. Plus, some shops -- like Gilt Insider—actually offer early access to sales, which is perfect come Cyber Monday.

Update Your Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus Software
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You’re going to be doing a lot of online shopping, so while all the sites you visit should be secure, it’s a smart idea to run a virus check on your computer before you start making purchases. You should also run an update to make sure that your web browsing is as secure as possible.

Shop Early, Too

Online Shopping
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Shopping early shouldn’t only be done on Black Friday. Some of the most popular brands are going to stock up on items, but if you have your eyes on a particular blouse or pair of shoes, chances are high that they could run out of your size or color. That goes for other items too, including electronics.

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