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Movie Review: Zootopia

Imagine a place where instead of humans being the dominant species on the planet, the animals of the world decided to stand up on their back legs like man and create a society where both prey and predator both coexist peacefully together. This is the premise of Walt Disney Animation Studios' new film Zootopia, the first film from this branch of Disney since the Oscar-winning Big Hero 6 in November of 2014.

Zootopia focuses on a determined little bunny named Judy Hopps (Voiced by Gennifer Goodwin) who becomes Zootopia's first bunny police officer. Judy gets thrown into an animal conspiracy where some of the residents of the animal metropolis start to go back to their savage roots without cause. Judy is forced to team up with her natural enemy who is a con artist Fox named Nick voiced perfectly by the dry Jason Bateman to solve the mystery. The two travel through all the unique worlds of Zootopia looking for clues while trying not to kill each other in the process.

Zootopia is a crime story with our bunny officer tackling the case, but it leans heavily on the kid's side of the movie spectrum. The film tries to have some deep moments about accepting people for who they are and not based on stereotypes, but the film is more in the class of Chicken Little than a Tangled or Wreck-It Ralph. There are still some funny jokes geared towards adults, but for the most part its laughs for kids dealing with slow-moving sloths. Zootopia is meant for kids so don't expect some deep animation experience like Inside Out or Up.

That doesn't mean Zootopia is a bad kids film like The Nut Job or the vile Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, because it's quite entertaining at times. Visually the movie is something to behold with all the planet's environments are on display in one super city. The voice cast is does a good job with what their given concerning the script and it's immensely better than last year's The Good Dinosaur with a whiny  Dino hero at its center. Zootopia is not one of Disney's Masterpieces, but your kids will love it.

Overall, I give Zootopia 3 out of 4 kid movie stars.

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