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Movie Review: The Croods

You have to give it up to Dreamworks Animation. They were left without a permanent film distributor for the last few years but have continued the arm's race with Disney and Pixar. Dreamworks Animation may lack the quality and respect of Pixar, but they have all the other studios beat in the quantity department. Dreamworks Animation has churned out film after film. For example, recently they put out Rise of the Guardians, they have another movie Turbo, out this summer, as well as this week's release of The Croods.

The Croods is the tale of a family of cavemen led by their fear mongering father Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage). Grug keeps his family inside the cave because only death is waiting for them outside. The shifting continental plates and his oldest daughter Eep's (voiced by Emma Stone) hormones have other plans for Grug. The Croods must set out to find a new home with the help of a more upright and smarter fellow named Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) that Eep has eyes for.

Just like The Croods, I'm going to keep it simple when I review this film. The Croods is not a great movie. I may be a Pixar snob, but that doesn't hide the fact that The Croods lacks heart, laughs and a fresh story. Dreamworks Animation has gotten better with the visual look of their films over the last few years, but they still lack in the substance department. Also, what was up with the all the animals that I have never seen on the prehistoric record? ...birds with turtle shells for bodies? I guess the creators were a little too concerned with getting mixed up with the Ice Age franchise when creating the creatures that inhabited The Croods' world.

In the end The Croods is a lame Flinstones/Swiss Family Robinson rip off. The jokes aren't funny and the story is one we have seen over and over again. I would give the The Croods 2 potatoes out of 4 at best, but I'm not The Croods target audience. For that reason, I took the little potato with me to see The Croods and she absolutely loved it. I believe she gave it "44 potatoes" in her review. So parents, if you have 98 minutes to spare and little ones under the age of 8, take them to see it. Odds are they will love The Croods even if you don't.

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