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Movie Review: Justice League

Not since before Man of Steel opened in 2013 has there been this much positive energy surrounding the DCEU (DC Extended Film Universe) and Warner Bros. Pictures heading into the release of the long-awaited Justice League. You can thank Wonder Woman for that after it became the movie of the summer fighting off Marvel rivals such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man Homecoming to become the box office champ of the summer. Wonder Woman didn't just triumph in tickets sales, but also got fans to cheer for a DC hero instead of polarizing viewers sending them into arguments full of nerd rage.

This goodwill created by Diana Prince was a godsend for Justice League that was plagued with production problems involving Director Zack Snyder choosing to walk away from the project before completion due to tragic personal reasons and former Marvel Golden Boy Joss Whedon taking over the reigns for massive reshoots ordered by the studio. After Marvel got a massive head start in terms of movie crossovers events like the Avengers, DC finally gets to show off their version of the superhero team up in Justice League.

So is Justice League worth the wait? The answer is mostly "Yes" with a little bit of "No", but more on that later. Justice League is very entertaining and shows the DCEU can have some fun with these gifted individuals. Gone is the dark and dreary tone with moody heroes that bored everyone to death in Batman V Superman. In its place are two new rays of light in the form of scene stealers The Flash played to quirky perfection by Ezra Miller and slacker Aquaman portrayed by former Game of Thrones star Jason Mamoa who begins to find his calling in this crazy world.

These two new faces bring some humor and lightheartedness to the crew that was pivotal for this franchise to win over audiences who didn't like the serious tone of director Zack Snyder's previous DCEU installments. The rest of the original brooding members start to have more fun themselves as the team begins to form. Gal Gadot continues to stand out as Wonder Woman in Justice League. Superman maybe seen as a beacon of hope in the DCEU, but Gadot's Wonder Woman continues to shine in this universe full of male dominated heroes.

It's a good thing the DC Comics Icons are so enjoyable in Justice League, because some of the DCEU's  past problems are still present in Justice League. The film is in such a rush to tell its story while also forming the League that the narrative suffers at times. Characters like Cyborg (Ray Fisher) don't get the depth they deserve and seem to be involved only to serve as a plot device to help move along the pace heading towards their showdown with the evil Steppenwolf who is threatening humanity. The villain is nothing more than a sacrificial big baddie for the team to take down so they can understand you can't save the world alone. The movie could have actually used an extra twenty minutes to give a few players some extra depth and map out their plot a little better.

Still even with a narrative that's a little bit of a mess at times, Justice League is a fun movie to watch with some familiar faces making their presence known again by the end of the film. There are many fun action scenes despite the ever-present "Snyder Vision" full of slow motion fists and heroes leaping in the air to face certain danger. Justice League is another positive step in the right direction for Warner Bros. and the DCEU despite its flaws and shows it's okay for our heroes to have some fun while facing the apocalypse.

Overall, I give Justice League 3 out of 4 stars.

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