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Movie Review: Gods of Egypt

Movie goers have seen a trend of big budget flops in the first quarter of the past three years. Films like Jupiter Ascending and Pompeii had delayed release dates, arrived with hefty price tags and went on to lay big fat eggs in terms of ticket sales. These were films so bad, you could see from the movie's marketing campaign the wick had already been lit for a future box office bomb. The next motion picture to fall in with this trend is Gods of Egypt carrying a 140 million dollar budget with a cast that deserves its very own hashtag designated #EgyptSoWhite.

Gods of Egypt can be summed up with one simple word. Silly! Besides the fact none of the main players look or are Egyptian, this mythical fantasy film about the gods of the pyramids is just a poorly made film. For a film that carries a near 150 million dollar price tag, the special effects are amateur at best. The Gods in the film, which include Gerard Butler and the King Slayer from Game of Thrones himself Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, make a regular sized mortal man look like a Hobbit and the effect is ridiculous on-screen at times with a height proportion between its cast that's never seems to be the same. Plus the immortals look more like the Silverhawks from 1980's Saturday morning cartoons.

The visual eye candy in Gods of Egypt looks cheap and the cast can't do anything to save this mess of a movie. Gerard Butler is basically reprising his role as King Leonidas from 300 with an evil twist and Coster-Waldau is  playing the Kingslayer without an eye instead of his hand. They both look the hero and villain part, but they are given nothing to work with concerning script and story. Also just to bring it up again, both very white and not Egyptian.

The actor who looks most embarrassed to be involved in this project is Geoffrey Rush as Ra. The beloved Academy Award winning actor has a look on his face throughout Gods of Egypt that says the money wasn't worth it and you know what. He's right. There are some movies (See The 4: So Bad, It's Good Movies) that are so bad you actually find something charming in their awfulness. Gods of Egypt is not one of those film.

Overall, I give Gods of Egypt 1 out of 4 stars. 

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