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Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Movie patrons who are sick of remakes, comic book movies or sequels may look to the new Tom Cruise Sci-Fi extravaganza Edge of Tomorrow as a breath of original fresh air. Wrong! Edge of Tomorrow rips off everything from Groundhog Day, Starship Troopers and even most recently X-Men: Days of Future Past. Tom Cruise's futuristic solider Cage is forced to strap on his battle armor and live the same day on a continuous loop where the outcome always leads to his demise. Edge of Tomorrow may blatantly take its inspiration from many films before it, but does so in an entertaining fashion that keeps the audience engaged.

Edge of Tomorrow plays like a video game on-screen as the clueless Cage (Cruise) is forced to battle the alien invaders again and again. Imagine the concept of being able to restart when the game of life is over and keep all your memories. Cage begins to learn the pattern and survive as if he was leveling up in Halo or The Legend of Zelda. This leads to some very comical, if not sick moments where Cage learns the hard way that not every decision is going to work out. Changing up the outcomes allows Edge of Tomorrow to keep the audience guessing as to what is going to happen next or what may have already happened. Director Doug Liman keeps things as tight as he can with the story in the editing process without becoming too repetitive. Not an easy task where the main character is living the same day with the switch turned to repeat on his life.

Edge of Tomorrow may be rated PG-13, but it's the most violent film I've seen in a while. The blood and guts are at a minimum on-screen, but the body count is high. As well as the self-inflicted head shots which almost become too much at times during Cages continuous loop of training. Much of the violence can be attributed to Cruise's costar Emily Blunt who plays the more skilled soldier named Rita. Blunt showed she can play with the big boys when it comes to the world of action. I know she dabbled in this realm before with Looper, but not to the extent that she does in Edge of Tomorrow. Truthfully, I didn't know Blunt had it in her to pull off a role like this, but she proved she can kick butt with the best of them.

Edge of Tomorrow may keep you entertained with its spectacular battle scenes and bloodshed, but its far from perfect. As I stated earlier it rips off numerous films and some of its science and time travel theories have huge holes. Plus the day playing out on a loop does get tedious at times during the two hour running time. I think shaving 20 minutes off this film could have helped leading into the third act. The training sessions just seemed to drag and maybe could have used a musical montage to speed things up. Cruise and company do exactly what films are supposed to do in these summers months, entertain you. Edge of Tomorrow is a big popcorn flick that will take you for a fun ride even if you forget about it by the end of the summer.

Overall, Edge of Tomorrow just barely earns the score of 3 out of 4 stars.

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