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Movie Review: Daddy's Home 2

The first Daddy's Home became a surprise hit during Christmas of 2015 on its way to a $150 million dollar take at the domestic box office. What's even more impressive is the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy was making this money in the middle of The Force Awakens phenomenon. The first movie was a raunchy comedy about two dads duking it out for their families attention, which surprisingly had a nice amount of heart between the goofy laughs.

The new sequel Daddy's Home 2 brings back Ferrell and Wahlberg as Step Dad Brad and Real Dad Dusty who decide to spend the Holidays together with their blended families. This also includes Brad's sensitive and caring father played by John Lithgow and Dusty's estranged dad Kurt played by Mel Gibson in his most high-profile acting role since all his troubles stemming from his 2006 DUI. With the additions to the cast and Christmas setting, Daddy's Home 2 was ripe for comedic potential. Unfortunately, this follow-up suffers from sequelitis in a major way bringing nothing new or funny to the table this time around.

The creators of Daddy's Home 2 go in with the mentality of that if they laughed the first time, then they will laugh again at the same antics. The only problem is much of the edgy humor from the first film has been nixed in order to be a more family friendly outing with a dash of Holiday cheer. The jokes and gags are way too soft and predictable in this lazy sequel. There are long stretches devoid of laughs during the film and not until the 3rd act does the film kind of get back to the humor we all enjoyed from the first film.

Daddy's Home 2 also does a terrible job managing all the new characters in the film. Mel Gibson is basically just playing crazy drunk Mel Gibson. John Lithgow seemed like the perfect person to play Brad's Dad, but his character is basically just a sweet old man who talks too much. Both characters don't receive nearly the amount of time to shine and are very poorly written. Plus, this new wrinkle takes away from the dynamic of Dusty and Brad battling it out that we loved so much from the first film. Daddy's Home 2 ends up being nothing more than a holiday sequel cash grab that has none of the charm or humor from the first film.

Overall, I give Daddy's Home 2 the rating of 1.5 out of 4 stars. 

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